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Safety is paramount at Grandview Blacktop. Our unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety of both our employees and the public during our operations is ingrained in everything we do. Through our robust safety management system, we provide continuous training to our workforce, empowering them with the knowledge and awareness of our safety protocols and culture.


Each team member is entrusted with upholding our guiding safety policies and practices, contributing to cultivating a secure work environment.


Our operators conduct thorough daily equipment inspections and site hazard assessments. Equipped with comprehensive training, our personnel execute their duties with a steadfast focus on safety and well-being, fostering a secure workplace environment.


We are dedicated to proactively identifying and implementing new practices and policies to prevent incidents. Our ownership group sets the tone, leading by example and fostering an accountability culture. Employee education, reinforced by management and supervisors through stringent safety enforcement, is pivotal in nurturing a proactive safety culture.


With our structured approach to safety, rest assured that safety takes precedence when you entrust us with your asphalt driveway Langley project. Contact us.

What We Do?

At Grandview Blacktop, we provide comprehensive road and area paving services tailored to municipalities, cities, and large-scale corporate clientele. Our expertise in asphalt paving Coquitlam ensures the highest quality results for every project, delivering durable and long-lasting surfaces that withstand the test of time. Check out our projects to be sure of us.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Grandview Blacktop means prioritizing safety and quality above all else. Here’s why:


Our unwavering commitment to safety is reflected in our flawless track record.

Extensive experience in serving municipalities, cities, and large corporate clients.

A skilled workforce trained to deliver exceptional results on every project.

Customer-centric approach, ensuring satisfaction and peace of mind for our clients.


Read our customer testimonials to learn more.

Contact Us

Ready to get started on your next paving project? Contact Grandview Blacktop today to discuss your needs and requirements. Our team of experts is here to provide personalized solutions and exceptional service every step of the way.


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