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Safety is the most vital aspect of any job. Keeping our employees and the public safe while we work is of the utmost importance to us. Our safety management system provides our employees with continuous training so that they can be more knowledgeable and aware of our safety systems and culture.


Every employee is expected to embrace our guiding safety policies and practices to help promote a safe workplace.


Each operator carries out daily equipment inspections and site hazard assessments. Our workers are well prepared to carry out their functions with the utmost attention to safety and wellbeing to promote a safe workplace.


We aim to continually identify new practices and implement new policies to prevent incidents from occurring. We understand that accountability comes from the top down, starting with the ownership group. Employee education and safe policies enforced by management and supervisors are all vital in promoting a proactive safety culture. Our structured approach to safety ensures that, when we work on your job site, you can rest assured knowing that safety is first on the agenda!


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