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Grandview Blacktop Ltd. about


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Incorporated in British Columbia in 1969, Grandview Blacktop remains privately owned and managed to this day. The owners and directors are actively involved in the day-to-day planning, scheduling and other operating activities of the company.



Grandview Blacktop Ltd offers general contracting services with specialized expertise in the construction of asphalt and concrete surfaces for commercial and industrial parking lot areas, recreational and sport surfaces, and municipal roads and highways. We serve developers, commercial and industrial project builders, and public sector agencies that construct and maintain public and private infrastructure.


On every job, we identify project specifications and then implement a quality management plan to match compliance with material requirements and installation characteristics. The goal is to provide end products that will perform or exceed service life expectations in a cost-effective manner on every project. From construction material design, product selection, production and installation, quality control testing is carefully and systematically undertaken to ensure the end product meets the requirements and expectations of the client.

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Environmental Protection Plans


Grandview Blacktop maintains a policy whereby our work is carried out in a manner that minimizes the impact to the environment. Site assessments are carried out to identify potential environmental risks and Environmental Protection Plans are developed and implemented. The EPPs outline strategies and policies for sound work practice and are designed to eliminate undesirable environmental risks. In delivering on this commitment Grandview Blacktop will:

Comply with all applicable laws and regulations

☑ Promote processes and practices to avoid and/or reduce environmental impact

☑ Provide sufficient resources to protect the environment



Grandview Blacktop believes that the best value for the customer includes sustainable practices. Our approach is therefore to protect and maintain the environment we live and work in.


That is why we promote recycling and reuse concrete and asphalt waste generated from infrastructure upgrade work. We continually seek and implement good practices in our daily work to minimize and eliminate other waste sources through community or industry recycling programs.

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Grandview Blacktop Ltd.-vision


As an industry leader, we seek to provide honest and dependable service, supply quality products and earn customer satisfaction.



With effort, communication, determination and planning, we will continue to earn customer satisfaction while being a forerunner in the industry.

Grandview Blacktop realizes that satisfied customers are a measure of our success. Our cus
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Grandview Blacktop realizes that satisfied customers are a measure of our success. Our customers count on us to provide dependable and professional service, and quality products and workmanship. We work hard to deliver and to earn customer satisfaction. A testament to this is the fact that a significant amount of our annual contract work is with repeat and satisfied customers.

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