• deer-lake1

    Deer Lake Centre Parking Lot Rehabilitation | Commercial
    A 40 year old parking lot was reconstructed by pulverizing the existing pavement and gravel base to re-use as additional base material to improve the overall pavement structure. The project included an extension to the parking lot, upgraded the existing storm and lighting systems

  • commercial1

    IUOE Local 115 Parking Lot Rehabilitation | Commercial
    This 40 plus year parking lot was completely refurbished which included new curb and gutter and new asphalt parking lot.

  • golden-ears1

    Golden Ears Business Park ph 1 | Industrial
    New industrial parking lot

  • fraser-hwy1

    Fraser Hwy at 232 Street, Langley Phase 1 & 2 | Municipal
    Providing Lower Course and Upper Course asphalt paving on a major arterial road.

  • north-fraser1

    North Fraser Way Overlay – Burnaby | Municipal
    Curb Repair, Base Repairs and over 2600 tonnes of 12.5mm Super Pave on a busy arterial road in South Burnaby

  • kingsley1

    Kinsley Estates, Richmond | Residential 
    Providing base paving and final surface lift paving to this project which is similar to the many projects Grandview has completed in 2016.

  • municipal-image

    Full Road Reconstruction – Coquitlam | Municipal
    Full depth reconstruction including milling, grading & paving in Coquitlam

  • concrete2

    Stamped Concrete Project – Chinatown district, Vancouver | Commercial
    Specialized stamped for street-front sidewalk

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