Asphalt Paving in Vancouver

Grandview Blacktop is your asphalt paving experts. With more than five decades in operation, we know the ins and outs of asphalt services and proudly offer asphalt paving and supply to our communities for projects of all kinds.

As a family-run business, we are committed to providing the highest quality asphalt paving in Vancouver. Grandview Blacktop is experienced not only with residential projects of all kinds but can also successfully complete a commercial or large-scale residential project with ease.

Paving can be complicated, but you don’t need to worry about the particulars. When you entrust Grandview Blacktop with your asphalt paving, you are choosing the highest standard of safety and environmental sustainability. We would love to learn about how we can make your unique plans a reality.

Aside from asphalt paving, we also offer the production of asphalt, concrete flat-works, quality control management, recycling operations, and more.

  • We work on commercial and industrial projects installing asphalt paved roads and parking surfaces for clients.
  • We service Municipal and Highway agencies and build asphalt paved surfaces for public sector markets.
  • We focus on specialty paved surfaces including cart paths, pedestrian walkways and sports surfaces for both public sector and private work.

Type of Asphalt Paving Projects

we are professional asphalt paving contractors that do municipal jobs like city driveway paving on vancouver

Although we do not often stop to think about it, our cities would be nowhere if it weren’t for municipal paving. High-quality paved surfaces help keep our communities safe by preventing trip hazards and potholes. They also contribute to the beautification of urban areas, as well as ensure that they are durable enough to withstand nature’s elements.

Grandview Blacktop offers municipal paving projects that are both routine and emergency. Whether a city street is due for its re-paving or a sewer line needs to be dug up and replaced, we have the professional wherewithal to successfully help with any project where asphalt is involved.

Keeping up with municipal paving helps instill a sense of civic pride and also helps to improve the quality of life for your city’s residents.

Commercial Paving Projects

commercial asphalt paving project is one of our major project that we do in Vancouver

Commercial paving projects include the likes of parking lots at retail stores, healthcare facilities, and all other business-oriented properties. A well-paved surrounding can add a lot to the character and general desirability of any business that relies on customer satisfaction to stay afloat.

Grandview Blacktop specializes in commercial paving projects, no matter how large scale. As long-time Vancouverites, we understand the unique climatic challenges that asphalt paving faces in Vancouver. We can work with you to determine the best strategy for your particular business that depends on your needs and land attributes.

In addition to offering the construction of parking lots, thanks to our expertise we are also able to offer other parking lot-specific services. Due to the high volume of vehicles that drive over a parking lot on any given day, many parking lots are in a constant state of disrepair. Grandview Blacktop can help you avoid the appearance of a neglected parking lot by helping you keep up with routine maintenance and offering repair services. We are also able to repair potholes, which means that you can rest easier knowing the customers who drive to see you will be happier.

Multi-Property Residential Paving Projects

we do multi property asphalt paving project in Vancouver area

Multi-property residential complexes have asphalt driveway paving needs that are very specific. As such, it is imperative that any asphalt paving contractors that take on this job be highly-trained and specialized. Grandview Blacktop employs experienced contractors and other professionals to ensure that your project turns out wonderfully.

Multi-property residential paving projects generally involve the area surrounding apartment buildings or condominiums. As these buildings house a high number of people in a relatively small area, they generally require unique solutions such as parking garages or courtyards. It is important that these projects are undertaken by trusted professionals, as they can be more complicated than most projects that are undertaken in the asphalt paving industry.

Asphalt Experts in Vancouver

Grandview Blacktop is proud to operate in the Greater Vancouver Area, a place that we have called home for generations. With experience in both asphalt paving and supply, we are your accessible one-stop-shop for all of your asphalt needs in Vancouver, whether you are a contractor in search of supplies or a business owner in need of a parking lot.

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